Ricardo Faria, from Capgemini Engineering R&I, shared at VORTEX FLOW the work he has been developing on 5G Space. With the main purpose of explaining how 5G Space-based networks will change our lives, Ricardo explored the many applications of 5G, since the future communications system represents far more than just the next-generation mobile technology, allowing the increased connection with people and devices. The challenge remains to guarantee communications anywhere in the world. He also discussed the physical layer of 5G, which allows the virtualization of several services and the possibility to merge several different networks such as 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Space-based platforms.


About Ricardo Faria:

Ricardo Faria is the R&D Technical leader at Capgemini Engineering Portugal. He has a degree in Electrotechnical and Computation Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico. During his entire professional career, he has only worked on R&D projects. He started his career as an R&D engineer, developing embedded software for autonomous systems in several areas, such as aquatic, ground, and aerial. In 10 years of professional work, he gained experience leading an R&D team and managing R&D projects. At Capgemini Engineering Portugal, he coordinates several projects in different areas like quantum, telecom, automotive, smart city, and autonomous system.