Rodrigo Maia, CEO Vortex-CoLab, has participated in a webinar on the 23rd February, and, together with Peter Fintl, Director of Technology and Innovation at Capgemini, has explored the concept of Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV), and its implications in the auto industry.

Since nowadays vehicles are more software than hardware, this webinar explored the impact of software on the way industry engineers and manufacturers deliver the vehicles and mobility services of tomorrow. We gave the opportunity to players to look at the business models and value streams of SDV, together with other major trends like connectivity, shared mobility, autonomous driving, and electrification. Rodrigo Maia has also discussed the challenges brought by the changes in Intelligent Industry.

The webinar stated three main conclusions:

  1. Software is leading innovations in the automotive industry, bringing a new paradigm – the Software-Defined Vehicles – and a set of new challenges for all the players in the ecosystem.
  2. The vehicle will become our “third place”, through the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, like AI, Edge & Cloud Computing, to enable customer-centric solutions.
  3. The key to be a “big shark of software” is to adapt and to be resilient, continuously updating and upgrading vehicles, leveraging the full potential of SW technologies.

Learn more about the insights shared by Rodrigo Maia here.