5G/SDN Intelligent Systems For Low latencY V2X communications in cross-Domain mobility applications

Projeto Nº 45912

FLOYD | 5G/SDN Intelligent Systems For Low latencY V2X communications in cross-Domain mobility applications


Support under the Incentive System 

Main Goal | Strengthen research, technological development, and innovation 

Intervention Region | North 

Beneficiary Entity | ALTRANPORTUGAL, S.A.

Approval Date | 27-07-2020 

Start Date | 02-01-2021 

End Date | 30-06-2023  

Total Eligible Cost | 1.211.227,51 EUR

European Union Financial Support | FEDER – 798.974,06 EUR

National/Regional Public Financial Support | N.A.  



FLOYD aims at building such a technological stack for offering high-performance network/computation services to autonomous vehicles. The proposed solutions cover a significant part of the relevant functional domains, namely: (1) V2X network slicing orchestration; (2) proactive management strategies for uninterrupted connectivity to mobile/vehicular users; (3) new PHY and MAC technologies; edge, (4) cloud and hybrid computing approaches; (5) resource allocation strategies; (6) seamless mobility between public and non-public networks. These technological research and development lines are designed around two main driving forces: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Platooning Applications. Underlying all the technological development, a down-to-earth, practical-utility use-case of vehicular platooning motivates the developed applications, testbed and demonstrator.

The project includes national industrial reference entities (Capgemini Engineering, Altice Labs) and research entities (CISTER, Instituto de Telecomunicações, VORTEX-CoLab). As part of the partnership with CMU Portugal’s Large Scale Projects program, the project also has the collaboration of the University of Carnegie Mellon, leveraging its technological knowledge in favor of the project’s results, contributing to national specialization in the domains of 5G communications, SDN and Edge Computing serving vehicular customers.