job description

VORTEX-CoLab is looking for exceptional Cybersecurity Research Engineers with a MSc in Computer Science or similar (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, etc.). As a Cybersecurity Research Engineer at Vortex-CoLab you will work collaboratively with a cross-functional team of other engineers, researchers, designers and product managers supporting initiatives that will define the next generation of embedded and real-time systems that are highly connected, with massive processing power and performing complex applications. As a member of the team you will drive future concepts and contribute to our innovation roadmap and prototype solutions.


How you can expect to fill your days:

  • Solve cutting-edge cybersecurity problems with a multi-disciplinary group of researchers and engineers;
  • Collaborate with engineering on security related matters during design, development and testing stages;
  • Feed your passion for systems security through the application of breakthrough technologies on awesome research and innovation projects;
  • Develop custom software/hardware that implement secure research prototypes;
  • Deploy penetration tests on computer systems, networks and applications, analyze outcomes and make recommendations for security improvements;
  • Hone your skills in reverse engineering, vulnerability research, and program/binary analysis;
  • Interact with customers and external partners to drive breakthrough projects into successful prototypes;
  • Boost up the creative environment provided and demonstrate quickness in learning and ability to experiment cross-cutting technologies;



  • A keen interest in Network Security with (preferably) 0-2 years of experience working in the area;
  • You thrive in making systems more secure and vulnerability discovery of connected computer systems doesn’t scare you;
  • You love the challenge of performing threat assessments on connected computer systems and (preferably) have some experience in the area (0-2 years);
  • You view yourself as a white hat hacker – penetration testing is something you are comfortable with;
  • Good programming skills and hands-on knowledge of computer languages such as C++ and/or Python;
  • A love for open-source and reliable technologies makes you comfortable with Linux operating system;
  • A real thirst for knowledge and to stay ahead of the latest trends makes you an active curious and inventive thinker. You´re not afraid to try something new;
  • Good oral and written communication skills;
  • A natural inclination to work on a collaborative environment, and the willingness to work on a broad variety of projects.