Celebrating the Successful Completion of the STEROID Project!

As the STEROID project reaches the end, we would like to praise that this was a collaborative effort, bringing together brilliant minds from various disciplines, industries, and research institutions. Our goal was to overcome the obstacles that the automotive industry currently faces when testing autonomous vehicle components. Throughout this journey, we have achieved significant milestones, and the final workshop was an exceptional platform to showcase our demonstrators.

Key Highlights of the Final Workshop:
šŸ”¹Presentation of the several domains of the project, by each of the partners, and the project with achieved integrations and synergies.
šŸ”¹Live demonstration of multiple features / use cases developed during the project.
šŸ”¹Sharing of knowledge and expertise by multiple keynote speakers and related projects presentations.

We want to thank our partners – Instituto de TelecomunicaƧƵes and GLOBALVIA, and all supporters who contributed to the success of this project. Together, we can achieve remarkable transformations!

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