Vortex-CoLab won a new challenging project sponsored by Portugal 2020: STEROID: Verification and Validation of ADAS Components for Intelligent Vehicles of the Future. The two main objectives of this project are: (1) developing a strategic platform to support the creation of ADAS/AD systems, through its testing and validation; and (2) creating a highly connected and intelligent ecosystem with V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication infrastructures, essential to accelerate technologies and the progress of infrastructures for autonomous driving systems. Vortex is coordinating the project and working closely with IT Aveiro and Globalvia Transmontana.

In this sense, Vortex-CoLab will be a key player in the development of intelligent transport systems, whose long-term benefit is to increase security. The growing number of ADAS/AD functionalities requires a platform capable of handling the exponential amount of tests and scenarios needed for the validation phase. Creating such platform is the STEROID Project goal.