In April 2021, André Santos, a Ph.D. student of the MAP-i Doctoral Program at the University of Minho, shared his work on High-Assurance ROS (HAROS). During the talk, organized by Vortex, he presented HAROS, a framework for the analysis and quality improvement of robotics software. This framework was developed using the popular Robot Operating System (ROS). It builds on a static analysis foundation to automatically extract models from the source code. Such models are later used to enable other sorts of analyses, such as Model Checking, Runtime Verification, and Property-based Testing. This technology has been applied to multiple real-world examples, helping developers find and correct various issues.


About André Santos:

André Santos is a Ph.D. student of the MAP-i Doctoral Program at the University of Minho. His work specializes in the research of safety property verification techniques, lightweight formal methods, and the automation of such techniques and methods in the context of the Robot Operating System. He is known for his work on HAROS, an open-source ROS software analysis framework in robotics, which generally lack the expertise required to use advanced software engineering practices. His work has been featured multiple times among the ROS and ROS-Industrial communities in community forums, and ROS-Industrial conferences and workshops.