Joana Maria, Head of Science of Vortex-CoLab, attended the CoLABS 2021 Annual Meeting. She participated in the session “Digital Transformation and Communication Systems”, where she talked about how CoLabs can bring value by transposing academic knowledge onto the national and European business fabric and how VORTEX-CoLab, in particular, is creating key competencies and new technology assets in the area of safety and security for cyber-physical systems that have been recognized internationally. Joana’s participation can be seen here.

Joana was also an invited speaker in the roundtable “Lessons learned from failures and successes”, moderated by Helena Pereira, President of the Foundation for Science and Technology, where she had the opportunity to discuss the creation process of VORTEX-CoLab and share lessons learned through some of its early successes and biggest challenges faced with the more recent colabs. The session is available here.

CoLABs 2021 Annual Meeting is an event promoted by the Agência Nacional de Inovação (ANI) and has the aim of promoting the activities of CoLABs, as well as their and progressive evolution in the context of regional, national, and European research and innovation dynamics.